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October 5, 2011

Books: Announcing the PhanArt ‘Read The Fucking Book’ Club [PhanArt]

Audio: Stream Trey Anastasio’s Two New Tunes [Hidden Track]

Trey Anastasio: TAB 10/01/2011 DAUD S. Burlington, VT

Phish: 09/02/2011 Suzy Greenberg | Scents and Subtle Sounds [VQ: A-, AQ: A-]


  • Note that the Anastasio/Marshall song originally thought to be called "Winter Queen" is titled "Glacier" on LivePhish.com #phish #trey #
  • GREAT move by @treyanastasio and @nugsnet to put TAB's Higher Ground show up for sale since no AUDs came out http://t.co/w90oHpPm #