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October 30, 2011

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One more question. And this one from fans of your NPR blog that are dying to know: are you still listening to Phish?

[Laughs] Not lately. Not lately, but I will say this – every once in a while I have this kernel of pride that swells up because I’ll hear somebody talking about Phish or I’ll hear somebody reference Phish and I’ll feel like I know what they’re talking about, and I have a little bit of insider information. And I saw one of the guys–I did this Phish meet up for the whole thing and I met people. And I saw one of the guys and I felt like it was seeing a famous person. Even though he’s just a Phish fan, I got really excited. He was… in Portland with his wife and I literally just followed him around the isles hoping he might remember me, but he didn’t. Or he didn’t acknowledge it. But I remembered him. And so, I guess to answer your question I’m not listening to Phish all the time but that experience had an indelible effect on me and I will always love it.

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