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December 17, 2011

Rumors: Phish Floated As Possible Act For New Festival [MD Coast Dispatch]

The rumor mill is in full swing regarding the bands or potential bands who may be coming to Ocean City next June for the first-ever High-Tide Music Festival.

Understandably so, the promoter is keeping details private, but it’s known at a recent Tourism Advisory Board meeting the name of the band Phish was floated as a possible act for the June 2-3 event. This would be surprising to me, if it’s true, as Phish could sell out its own two-day music festival without any other acts. Nonetheless, that’s a huge name in the music world and it would draw a tremendous crowd, as it has a huge and diverse following. Although it’s a hypothetical at this time, the big unknown with Phish would be whether it would attract the types of people city officials would want to see.

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