Where To Look For Phish Fall Tour Coverage

As a reminder, we won’t be tweeting from shows this fall. We’ll update JamBase.com with The Skinny after each show and we’ll tweet regularly using @YEMblog but no in-show commentary. We recommend the following sites and Twitter feeds for your Summer Tour fix…


@Phish_FTR = Photos, setlists and more from the band
@rphish = The latest and greatest Phish-related content
@phishnet = A fan-run feed representing Phish.net
@Phish_Forum = Show reviews, tour tweets and more
@MrMiner = The most popular Phish blogger’s Twitter feed
@JamBase = Publication covering the live music world which will publish The Skinny after each show
@bizarchive = Scott Marks will tweet commentary from many shows
@onlinephishtour = Phish conversation and links to the site’s reviews/news stories and more
@CoventryMusic = Pauly, The Joker and crew share thoughts on tour
@PhishVids = Updates and the latest and greatest Phish videos
@zzyzx = Yes, The Timer now tweets
@lumpblockclod = Phish fan Steve Paolini offers his often wise view on the shows
@GuyForgetOPT = Ben will tweet opinions that will have you thinking, “He’s right! Can’t believe I didn’t think of that!”


Phish.net = The best Phish-related site on the web features real-time setlists, recaps and more
JamBase = The home of “The Skinny” during and after each Phish show plus news & reviews
Phish Thoughts = Whether you agree with his take or not, you can always depend on Mr. Miner for a heartfelt review
rPhish = The community-run Phish “subreddit” on Reddit.com does what we used to do
ThePhish = Turntable.FM room for replays of shows and 24/7 Phish listening parties
Live Phish = Official recordings of every Phish show sold here
bt.etree = The place to download audience recordings of Phish shows
YouTube = Expect tons of fan-shot video to be posted this tour
Phish Channel on Vimeo = Where Phish has posted official videos of each show in the past
Coventry Blog = Pauly, Joker and Crew post reviews and more from tour
PhishVids = Database of Phish videos
The Phish Rotation Infographic = The Barn Presents keeps this useful graphic up-to-date to help figure out what to expect next
PhishTwit = Watch tweets from the shows roll in + chat with other fans + more

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