• http://yemblog.com has been updated with all the new, original content about Phish I could find this week #phish #enjoy #
  • Friday Convo: What's the best Phish after-show you ever attended? [Wyllys and the NYHE @ Sullivan Hall on the brain] http://bit.ly/haIdZi #
  • @evatography I'll see if I can find it on the internet, if not I have a framed copy of the pic on my wall and will take a pic of the pic #
  • @mrminer But I'm not Trey, Mike, Page or Fish; so I don't know for certain Mr. "no chance" Just stating my take from the looks on their face #
  • @mrminer While that photo is from the following year, I still think Trey plotted the setlists in '95 and at times they would work segues out #
  • @mrminer Have you seen the Danny Clinch photo of Trey in a Boston hotel plotting the setlists in a huge sketch book from the Phish Book? #
  • New Source: Partial SBD of 3/19/92 – New Haven, CT http://bit.ly/hcCbfz #phish #
  • IMHO, orchestrated. They knew what they were doing RT: @JimZissler bathtub>real me>bathtub Orchestrated setlist segue or spontaneous improv? #

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